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Courses in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Personal Success,  Fund Raising & Venture Capital, Salon & Beauty Start-Ups, Media & Public Relations, Tech Start-Ups, Music Business, Retail Product Distribution and more.

Success Accelerated Mastermind

Mastermind groups are proven to be an effective tool in aiding entrepreneurs in achieving Success faster while avoiding costly mistakes. Experience accountability, feedback, and motivation by tapping into the minds of like minded entrepreneurs. 

Successful Entrepreneur Interviews

Discover what Successful entrepreneurs are doing in their businesses that you are not, and what they know that you don’t. Hear directly from founders of proven start-ups what you should be doing today to bring about your greatest success. 


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Alice Harper

“Being a relatively new entrepreneur I was running around in 10 different directions trying to get ahead. I didn’t lack motivation, vision, or hard work, but what I did lack was a guiding rudder. Working with the Success Center, Orlando began to meet with me about a year ago and I consider my time with him on a regular basis as very important to my success as a business owner. Orlando provided me with valuable insight and the information that I needed as a young entrepreneur to plan, market, staff, and grow my business in a sustainable profitable fashion. Orlando’s solid common sense and his ability to quickly get to the ‘core issues’ helps me see through the fog and focus on what is really important. If you have ever heard the expression “penny wise and dollar stupid”, not utilizing a valuable resources like the Success Center For Entrepreneurs and mentors like Mr. Price, is a prime example.”

Alice Harper – Young Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
Wendy and Adam

“We have been working with the Orlando Price through the Success Center for only a few short months and already we have added steady profits and additional clients to our new business. Orlando and the Success Center have proven to be a valuable resource.”

Wendy & Adam Chetham – Husband and Wife Small Business Owners