Entrepreneurs and the Strong Brand Behind Them

By Randall Hampton

Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, and the successful ones are synonymous with their brand.  Steve Jobs and Apple are intertwined much the same way Bill Gates and Windows are.  Rene Lacoste’s clothing line bears his name as well as an instantly recognizable logo.

Here are four tips to developing a strong brand on your journey to independent success.

Tell the Story Behind Your Brand

All brands, big or small had to start somewhere.  Their rise to instant recognition is unique, and therefore  helps them stand out from the competition.  Steve Jobs started out building computers in his garage.  Tyler Perry slept in his car before he finally caught the break that helped make him famous.  Ask yourself to describe your company from its origins, to what you want to see it grow into.  Slogans can come from the backstory of your company if you think hard enough about it.  An example of this would be Amazon’s slogan, “Finding everything from A to Z.”

Why Are You Here?

As entrepreneurs build their brand they must figure out why they exist in the first place.  This is not the same as asking, “What do you do, or how do you do it?”  Really delve deep into the reason you started your company.  Remembering your roots helps you maintain a clear vision of where you want your brand to go.

Allow Your Brand to Blossom

Many entrepreneurs consider their brand their baby, and will fight to preserve the vision that they see for it.  This is a good spirit to have, and it will help you develop a sense of brand consistency.  On the other hand, in the early stages of a brand people might latch on to it.  In today’s world of social media people can come up with ideas for or use your brand in a way that you did not envision.  Be receptive to these ideas, and try not to snuff out your movement before it truly has a chance to get started.

Think About Your Brand Identity

Developing your brand identity is essential when you are first starting a company.  The amount of time and effort entrepreneurs put into crafting their brand’s identity underscores how important it is.  The Golden Arches didn’t happen overnight, and Lacoste’s crocodile has evolved over time.  Once you have a clear idea of color schemes, logos and other aspects of brand identity, you can start to get designers in to help bring those ideas to life.  Give these tips some thought as you start the brand that will change your life.

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